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 Well, now what?  Yeah, it happened.  I don't really care who knows.  Torres, I know YOU are going to read this and go into 'I told you so' mode.  Spare me.   I guess I'll explain....

Yang and I have been hanging out a lot lately.  You know, initially, we didn't mesh.  Well, I guess that's not fair.  Initially we did mesh.  Then when I came to Seattle Grace, I was pretty bitchy.  I guess I was afraid that she was a bit of a climber, using her mentors to get ahead.  I had heard those rumors, anyway.  Not saying WHERE I heard them, but they were out there.  Anyway, I was pretty horrible to her.  Torres assigned her to work with me and I would take ANYone but Yang.  The truth was, she was pretty brilliant.  She reminded me a lot of myself at her age.  She knew exactly what she wanted and was very driven.  I guess I could only kick her for so long and pretty soon she started growing on me.  Lately she's really become a good friend and considering my general dislike of people, that's rare.  She's become the person I want to be around.  Sigh.  Ignore that.

So, she came over tonight.  I had a rough day and just didn't feel like going out.  She brought beer.  We ordered take out.  We watched a movie.  And then... well... it happened.  Now she's asleep in my bed.  I couldn't sleep, so I came to the computer.   What the hell have I done?  Did I just mess up one of the few functional friendships I have ever had in my life?  Did I just screw up our work relationship?  Am I about to be the laughing stock of anyone who happens to find out?  Do I even care? And what the hell happens now?  One thing I am completely sure of... she's pretty adorable when she's sleeping.
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